Macrame Cord

To produce my best creations, I'm always searching for the best materials. Now that I've found the best European suppliers for Waxed Macrame Cord, I'm sharing these products with you. More types of cords will be coming soon!

There are many types of cords to make Amazing Macrame creations, we however have found that using waxed or semi-waxed Macrame cords really add a special finish to our creations. These type of cords are perfect to make necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and of course shoes and handbags.

Macrame is a technique that can be used to produce many types of products, but here we're focusing a bit more on jewelry.

In the future we hope to have a lot more to offer in cords, but for that we'll need your help ... What type of cord would you like to see here, or which type of cords do you use for your macrame creations?

We know that there are many people making amazing things in macrame with ropes and other types of thick cords, even in jewelry, micro-macrame is really a special craft that require a very thin cord ... we really want to start looking into that ... and maybe start having a 0.5mm macrame cord (we don't have any at the moment).

Please check out the CATALOGUE for all the cords available.

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